private music lessons

  • Guitar lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Singing lessons

Our short performance course is for singer-songwriters who want to achieve their musical goals, and perform more often in front of an audience.

Every term is split into weekly private music lessons, with every student performing at least twice a year.

Our teachers are friendly, and balance your musical influences with music theory and technique.

Importantly, students learn how to integrate chords, melody and rhythm to tell a story, sing and play a song by themselves.


What you get:

  • Performances - at least twice a year for beginners, more for advanced.

  • Feedback - reporting cycles every term

  • Recording - facilities available

If you need motivation to practice your instrument and go outside your comfort zone, our guitar, piano and singing lessons are for you.

“If a student is inspired, captivated and encouraged by their instructor then they will take to music a lot quicker. Thanks Justin for creating a comfortable and supportive environment for my child to learn.
— Natasha, mother of Josh


30 min = $30 

45 min = $40

60 min = $60


group music lessons

  • Guitar lessons
  • Piano lessons

Every musician knows that learning your parts is not enough.

Music is a social experience, and it is equally important to listen to others and create music together.

We run weekly 30 min group classes that takes you from beginner to performer within the school term. Each class is carefully selected based on similar abilities, and consists of 2-3 people.

What you get:

  • Performances - at least twice a year for beginners, more for advanced.

  • Feedback - reporting cycles every term

  • Ensemble recording - facilities available

By the end of term, students learn the concepts and skills necessary to play a song together, such as harmony and rhythm. 

If you want to get started, be held accountable, or just want to meet other musicians in a fun, relaxed environment, this is for you.



30 min =$22 pp

holiday music workshops

  • Guitar 
  • Singing
  • Keys 
  • Drums

During school holidays, we conduct beginner music workshops for young musicians aged 5-18 years old. These workshops provide an opportunity for all instrumentalists to make music with each other. 

Workshops last for 2 hours each day, and each workshop correlates to a specific decade of rock history.

It is important that students learn and appreciate music of past generations, in order to create new music for the future.

By the end of the workshop, students receive sheet music to take home for practice, as well as some lasting friendships with future jam buddies.



2 HRS - $60/pp

Tiara thoroughly loved the workshop and will be most likely doing it again next term.
— Mary, aunt of guitar student