Guitar student Ethan playing Paranoid by Black Sabbath

guitar lessons

Our guitar lessons are best suited for beginners and intermediate players who want to sing and play rhythm guitar, or play lead guitar in a band.


You will become a more versatile guitarist by learning notes, chords and scales on the guitar using sheet music, guitar tablature and chord diagrams. We teach the basic guitar techniques and music theory you need to succeed as a budding guitarist using our own teaching methods and the AMEB Rockschool Curriculum.


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Piano student Eamon playing his first piano performance at Mr Boogie Man Bar

piano lessons

Playing chords and singing is simple if you have the right system from the right piano instructors. With our solid understanding of music theory, you will be able to go from knowing nothing to learning how to read music and finger diagrams on the piano and keyboard.


Our piano lessons are perfect for beginner and intermediate players who would like to play for enjoyment and prepare for live performance. If you also want to learn how to sing and play chords on the piano, these lessons are for you.


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Singing teacher Fabio rocking the microphone at Mr Boogie Man Bar


Our singing lessons are ideal for beginner and aspiring singer-songwriters who wants to sing and play the guitar or piano.


You will gain a good understanding of the three different voices (chest voice, mid voice and head voice), and build your understanding of music theory across multiple instruments.

Learn how to control the texture of your voice, make harmonies, create songs, and perform with focus and confidence.


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All music lessons

  • Are private music lessons, but can be requested as a group lesson or holiday music program.
  • Each lesson last 30 minutes or 45 minutes, and you are encouraged to attend weekly or fortnightly.
  • Lead to a performance. You will also become a more confident performer by performing in gigs at least twice a year, accompanied by a teacher or just by yourself.


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