Music as a vehicle for creativity

I went to the same school as Chet Faker and Vance Joy - St Kevins College in Toorak. I hope I can top the Triple J Hottest 100 in five years time too! 
I remember seeing Chet Faker - or Nick Murphy - perform in high school. From the moment he played the first note of the song 'Foxy Lady' by Jimi Hendrix, I was in awe - 'I want to be like him!'. I think he also said I had a cool guitar at one point.

Long story short, Chet Faker has grown to be an amazing multi-instrumentalist, fusing elements of jazz and electronic music to create his own unique sound. Three of his singles from his debut album - Built On Glass - has topped the top 10 of the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2014. He focuses his energy mainly on audio engineering, programming samples, keyboard and vocals. 

I use this to illustrate how music is a vehicle for creativity. One who enters as a guitarist may end up as a keyboardist in 5 years time. Thus, here are some musical experiences you can introduce to your child while he/she is learning guitar: 

  • Music and Movement classes - organisations like CERES are especially good at this. Tailored for parents with children of pre-school age and under, this is a great way to introduce rhythm and melody in a fun manner. For more information, please visit the Rhythm Tree at :
  • Choir - singing is a great way to improve musicianship, such as pitch, phrasing, dynamics and how to read sheet music. It is also good to meet friends who will continue with them on their musical journey - those who grow together , stay together. This comes from 4 years of experience in the Australian Boys Choir.
  • Musical - I used to act and sing in high school, performing as Jeffrey in the musical 'Godspell' in 2011. This was an amazing experience, and gave me the opportunity to multi-task - singing, moving and memorising words was not easy! This option is usually introduced in high school, and is highly recommended to improve harmony and perfect pitch. Plus, your child can meet the opposite gender during musical rehearsals! 

Once your child is more advanced in their instrument, it may be helpful to introduce the following experiences:

  • Learn a second instrument 
  • Jam with siblings and friends
  • Learn different languages through different genres of music

Did you find this article helpful? What other broad musical interests does your child have? Add to the conversation by leaving a comment below.