How To Structure Your Guitar Practice Routine

Hey Rockers, 

Here is the sixth episode in a series of Guitar Exercises - short videos to help you improve your technique from an amateur to a more advanced guitar player.

This episode focuses on how to develop a guitar practice plan. Often we get lazy and unmotivated, and this is one way we can get out of the rut, and into playing guitar again. This also tests how much you've actually learned from your guitar teacher - and whether he/she showed you what to do for homework.

Guitar practice plan:

Step 0. Set a goal!  

  1. 5 minutes of warm-ups (can be stretches)
  2. 10 minutes of technique - choose one or two sections 
  3. 10 minutes (run-through) - from the top - from section to section
  4. 2 minutes - review - how effective was your practice? What do you need to do for your next practice?