How Much Should You Practice?

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Question Of The Week: How many hours a week should I practice guitar and piano? I am a beginner.



In your first 2 years of playing, you should be practicing a minimum of 10 minutes a day for 3 days a week.

At first, this is going to seem like noodling. But in fact, you are just building up your muscle memory.

Regardless of the instrument, here are 3 common parts of a music student’s homework. Make sure to build in time for all of this in your practice:

  • Exercises – use a metronome to develop technique and theory, e.g scales
  • Pieces – songs by transcription (sheet music, tab, finger diagrams)
  • Discovery – listening to similar pieces of music to develop your ear, or improvisation

Of course, practice doesn’t make perfect. Music isn’t about perfection at all.

Rather, targeted, consistent practice helps you become the best musician you can be.


Above is just a recommendation. If you are seriously committed, practice even more!

I used to practice for 2 hours a day for 3 days a week when I was studying music in high school.


And there’s the Tip of The Week.


Stay curious, and keep on rockin!