Why We Listen To Music After A Long Day


I’ve felt it too.


I have arrived home and felt flat from work.


On the surface, our lives are filled with overwhelm – too much to do. But the truth is: it’s not that there is too little time; rather, we are reacting to life’s demands day-in and day-out.


But one song can change everything.

The chime of the guitar, the soulful flight of a vocalist, or the slow pulsating beat of the bass drum.

It can move us to the deepest core of how we feel, and give us a whole new perspective of life.


There are many reasons why we listen to music after a long day; however, I chose 4 of the most important ones down below.


We listen to music after a long day, because:

  • We need to calm ourselves down. Listening to music lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones, giving us a sense of peace after a long day.
  • We need to refocus. Sometimes, listening to a familiar bar of music can give us the sense of flow and momentum needed to complete tasks.
  • We want to reconnect to memories of joy, happiness and gratitude. Everyone has that one song that they connect to on a deeper level, and accessing that memory can centre ourselves on our life journey, ready to tackle the day’s challenging
  • We want to explore. Technology gives us choice, and we can journey through many genres of music as the adventurer. We can experience the same complete and utter freedom as a creative.
  • Bonus: The best solution is often ripping off the band-aid. Rather than overthinking and procrastinating, picking up that musical instrument off the shelf can help you connect to your initial love of music.


How does music affect you?

Because the answer to that question can reveal how you connect with yourself, as well as your life direction.

My recent listens after a long day: Magnolia by J.J Cale and Loud Places by Jamie xx.


I would love to hear your responses in the comments below, or visit us at to continue the conversation.


Keep on rockin’

Team Roc