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Posture For Beginners - Guitar, Piano, Singing

Today we are going to talk about both correct and incorrect posture for guitar, piano and singing. Often we forget that if we want to change the way we play, we have to adjust how we position ourselves to the instruments. Whether it be changing hands, back and the weight on your feet, changing your posture can improve your technique and confidence on your instrument.

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What Microphone Should I Buy?

As we are preparing for performance, some of you have been asking me: “What microphone should I buy?”

Why wait for the stage to test how loud you are, or how on pitch you are?

Here are two microphones you should consider purchasing if you want to practice with a microphone at home.

4 Confidence Building Strategies I Use During Music Lessons

Confidence. The one benefit that not a lot of people mention about learning guitar. 

Guitar becomes an extension of who you are - and so here are 4 tips you can use to build confidence within young people learning anything - especially guitar.